BITTON family - Success Story. Thanks to all who helped #unitedkingdom

Carole Shaw

Just a week since I started posting re finding relatives of Joel BITTON on
Jewish and General genealogy sites, on behalf of a sick cousin, I can report
that the sought family members have now been found and contacted. I'm
posting this to all sites I originally posted to, so apologies if you see
this more than once.

All this is due to the diligent and persistent efforts of genners, who I'd
like to thank here, in particular those >from JewishGen and the Facebook
1841 - 1939 & Beyond Genealogy Discussion Group.

To fill in the back story and update those who enquired and sent their best

My husband's cousin was hit by a motorbike while crossing the road near
parliament on Friday 13 July (ominous eh?). She's trim 81, who looks and acts
60 and still teaches singing. She sustained multiple fractures to her
arm, leg, pelvis and neck, plus possible brain damage >from a head injury. So
severe were her injuries that the police were outside her bed area all the
first day and part of the next, in case it became a manslaughter case or
she regained consciousness enough to give a statement.

She has been in an induced coma and on life support in intensive care for
most of the past 4 weeks and is only now regaining full consciousness. She
has had a tracheostomy and can't speak but does show her understanding of
what we are saying by nodding and shaking her head and laughing at my awful
jokes. Like when other cousins, friends of Corbyn, tried to get us set up
together almost 40 years ago! Those in UK and Jewish will understand the
irony. If the details intrigue you, PM me privately!

We won't know the full extent any brain damage, if at all, for a while.
And we don't know if she will be able to live alone on recovery. Otherwise
it will be a long haul but signs are positive.

Thanks once again for everyone's help. It shows the power of the internet
and genners pulling together.

Carole Shaw

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