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Dear Fellow Researchers:

Perhaps one among you has the answer to a problem that has plagued me for
years. I don't seem to find an answer and everywhere I turn, I meet with
the proverbial brick wall.

Here is the issue:
My mother,

Adele BECHER (or Becherova)


Datum: 21. 5. 1897
Ort: Donawitz #36 (Stanovice)
Name: Adela
Vater: Josef BECHER, Zimmermann in Donawitz #36, geb. zu Neu-
donawitz #26 am 10 Mai 1867, ehelicher Sohn des nun +
Franz BECHER, Porzellandrehers in Neudonawitz #26, and der
nun + Josefa geb. ROHM aus Neudonawitz #12
Mutter: Johanna HUBL, geb. aus Waltsch #49 Bez. Luditz am 21. 9. 1866
eheliche Tochter des Hermann HUBL Haeuslers in Neudonawitz
#31, und der nun + Johanna geb. SCHROEDL aus Deutschrust
#53 bei Pomeisl.

My mother Lived with her first husband, Bedrich Jäger, (or Jaeger) in or
around Karlsbad, former Sudetenland, (Austria) now Czech Republic at least
during the years 1930-1934. I was born in 1933!

The information I have concerning my father:

Bedrich Jäger DOB 26 July 1894 - Died 8 September 1942 at Maly Trostinec,
Concentration Camp. Maly Trostinec was located near Minsk, Russia. The
Czech Government is unable to furnish more information.

Jäger had family! At least a sister that tried to take me "home" around
1939. (Unsuccessfully). There may have been other siblings. For sure, he
had parents! I need to find his family tree! I need to know who I am!

To explain my current name: My mother married Franz Kies in 1948. My birth
record only shows "Vater unbekannt" (Father unknown).

Please help me if you can.

Rudi Becher

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