Harry Benjamin #unitedkingdom

Sue Levy

I am seeking anything at all to do with Harry Benjamin MBNA (born 1987), a
London physician and strong advocate for nature cure and wellness through
diet and lifestyle at a time when such a thing was viewed with scepticism.
He authored numerous books, including 'Better Sight Without Glasses'.

Harry Benjamin was a cousin of my mother-in-law Miriam Levy nee Benjamin,
though they never met: Harry lived in England, Miriam was a New Zealander.

Their ancestry goes to back to the town of Sompolna in Poland, whence the
surname Benjamin was originally Sompolinski. Harry's grandfather was
Benjamin Sompolinski. Benjamin's children included Miriam's father Jacob
Benjamin, and Harry's parents Simon Benjamin and Betsy Newman.

Harry's siblings were Edward (Tobias) b 1898 and Beatrice b 1906.

Any anecdotes, family connections or information would be much appreciated.

Sue Levy
Perth, Australia

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