Searching for Manchester relatives (1895-1912) #unitedkingdom


Hello, I am searching for information on my family in Manchester
(including Cheetham and Prestwich) in the 1895-1912 time frame. The
family name was Krainsky (also written as Krainskiy, Kriensky,
Karyinsky, Grayinski, Crainsky). They came to Manchester >from Hamburg
sometime between 1895 and 1900, having originated in Zolotonosha,
Ukraine (a small city and uzeyd in the Poltava gubernia, 85 miles SE
of Kiev and 15 miles N of Cherkasy). Family members were cabinet
makers and possibly cobblers.

The parents were Joseph/Perssie and Hanna (Lisinsky/Leschinsky). Their
children included Moshe/Morris (born circa 1881), Mary/Munna (born
circa 1884), Israel/Irving (born March 8, 1885), Barnet (born circa
1891) and Jennie (born circa 1892).

Israel/Irving worked in the textile business in Manchester and went to
Paris circa 1910 to work in fabrics, possibly as a representative of a
Manchester company. Mary married Solomon ("Sam") Spector of Odessa in
Manchester in 1904 and Jennie married Hyman Prikupetz at the Austrian
Synagogue in Cheetham in 1909. Morris went to Liverpool and ultimately
to the US in 1912. Barnet went to Liverpool, then Glasgow, then the US
in 1923.

I didn't find any of these relatives in the 1901 census (I found
Morris and Barnet in LIverpool in the 1911 census and Jennie and Mary
had emigrated to the US by that time.) or city or telephone

Ideas welcome. Thanks everyone,

Brad Mirkin

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