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Intro: Louis GOLDSCHMIDT (1888-1962)

Within a publication about the textile company TEXTIL-SYNDIKAT in Berlin
and Chemnitz I am writing about its founder, the merchant Louis
GOLDSCHMIDT. He was the younger brother of the well-known banker Jakob
GOLDSCHMIDT and the entrepreneur Julius GOLDSCHMIDT in Berlin.

Louis GOLDSCHMIDt was born on January, 6, 1888 in Eldagsen near
Hannover. After the World War I he moved to Chemnitz. Together with
brother Jakob he has founded before in Berlin the company
Textil-Syndikat GmbH. He was unmarried.

In March, 1933 National Socialists kidnaped and tortured him in
Chemnitz. After his release he escaped with the help of his family to
Switzerland, where he could recover for any months. He returned to
Berlin. In September, 1936 he decided to move to England. Till his death
on January, 8, 1962 he lived in London. His company was "aryanised" in
November, 1938.

That`s why I am looking for any biographic data about Louis GOLDSCHMIDTS
life in London. In which district did he live? Where was he burried?

All advice and information are very welcome.
Thank you very much in advance!

Juergen Nitsche, Mittweida, Germany - <>


GOLDSCHMIDT - Eldagsen - Berlin - Chemnitz - Zurich - Luzern - London

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