The WOLFSTHAL Family of Musicians #unitedkingdom

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
I'm new to the group, allow me to take a minute and introduce myself.
For quite some time I'm researching my family roots >from Galicia. It
was a large family, with special music talents. Some of them became
quite famous in this field.

In the beginning of the previous century, a part of the family
immigrated to the UK, in few waves. Among them were musicians (a)
Isidor WOLFSTHAL, (2) Kopel (Charles) WOLFSTHAL and (3) Abraham Ber
WOLFSTHAL . Family tradition continued, and some of their children
were also musicians (e.g., David WOLFSTHAL, son of Charles, who played
with the Beatles).

At this stage in my research, to address many remaining gaps, I
believe it's important for me to examine the tombstones of the family
members who passed away in the UK and see if any information can be
found there.

In particular, I am interested in a photo of Rose WOLFSTHAL's
tombstone (August 20, 1909). She was buried in Edmonton Federation
Cemetery in London, Plot F, Row/Grave 8. If anyone is anywhere near
that location and can send me a photo, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Any additional information on this family's life stories would be of
great help. Thank you in advance.

Prof. Yaron Wolfsthal, Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel

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