WOLFSTHAL family of musicians #unitedkingdom

Ann Rabinowitz

Looking at tombstones is one good resource for family info, but a more
diverse resource is checking out WOLFSTHAL on findmypast.co.uk
Once you do that you will find a wide variety of entries including an advert
by Laura Black, a former student of Josef Wolfsthal in an Edinburgh directory.
In addition, there are enemy alien records, manifests, census and registry data,
directories and the usual birth, marriage and death records. There is even an
overseas wedding record for Ruth Wolfsthal in Jerusalem.

In addition, there is a death record for Rose Laura Wolfsthal, born 1855,
died 1909, age 54.

You can also look up the surname in the British newspaper database where there
are 242 entries for Wolfsthal; 69 entries in the Irish newspaper database; and
250 entries in the US and World newspaper database.

Also, remember to look at the archives for The Jewish Chronicle which are
free if you have a subscription to MyHeritage.

All of that should keep you busy for a while!

Good luck!

Ann Rabinowitz

Dear Group,
I'm new to the group, allow me to take a minute and introduce myself.
For quite some time I'm researching my family roots >from Galicia. It
was a large family, with special music talents. Some of them became
quite famous in this field.

In the beginning of the previous century, a part of the family
immigrated to the UK, in few waves. Among them were musicians (a)
Isidor WOLFSTHAL, (2) Kopel (Charles) WOLFSTHAL and (3) Abraham Ber
WOLFSTHAL . Family tradition continued, and some of their children
were also musicians (e.g., David WOLFSTHAL, son of Charles, who played
with the Beatles).

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