British internment during the World Wars #unitedkingdom

Tony Hausner

Recently I informed you all that we have created an email group focused
on internment by the British on the Isle of Man. Over 40 folks have joined
including researchers in the field. While we are focused on the Isle of Man,
several of our group are interested in other British internment camps and for
both World Wars. Contact me if interested.

I just shared the following with that group.

I have created a package of materials concerning my parent's internment
on the Isle of Man during World War II. Being Jewish, they escaped from
Vienna shortly after the Anschluss (German army marched into Austria).
They met and married in London, spent a year in Cardiff, and then were
interned by the British in separate camps on the Isle of Man for a year.
My mother kept my father's letters, and I have placed them at the Yad Vashem,
the USHMM, and the Isle of Man's Manx Museum. Here is a more complete
package that I have put together of the letters and related materials and
shared with a new group created about British internment camps.

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