Seeking Plottnovsky/Platowski or Jacobs male family descendants #unitedkingdom

Jill Whitehead

A recent DNA test has shown that an apparent US close relation is likely
related to the unknown brothers of my great grandmother Bertha Plottnovsky
Guttenberg (c 1845-1921) and her sister Rebecca Plottnovsky Berkowitz, who
was 20 years younger. They were the eldest and youngest in their
Plottnovsky/Platnowski family with brothers in between. But we know nothing
about their brothers, their names or where they went to. Bertha and Rebecca
came >from Raczki in Suwalki Gubernia and their respective husbands came from
Rajgrod in Lomza gubernia in NE Poland and Kovno in Kovno gubernia, in
Lithuania nearby. They came to Hull in respectively c 1865 and c 1885. We do
know that the sisters sometimes used their father's name Jacob as a
patronymic so there could be descendants with the name Jacobs or variations
on Plottnovsky such as Plotz or similar. The US relation had family who went
to London, South Africa, and USA. I am initially wondering if a brother may
have gone to Hull or London before 1900.

If you can help or have any ideas please contact me privately.

Jill Whitehead, Sutton, Surrey

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