We've moved... HEADS UP!! #general

Susan E. King <susan.king@...>

With this message we have ALMOST fully migrated the JewishGen Discussion
Group Mailing List to our new HOME!

There is still a little housecleaning to do... so hopefully we will have
our first FULL digest out by evening tomorrow.


1) The mailing address to post to the list is:
sgjewish@... (moderator address will work)

2) The mailing address to send commands for your
subscription is:


3) With this move everyone has been set to DIGEST mode. There was no way to
retain all the subscription options for all subscribers..

So, if you want to change your options you can send the following commands,
or use the WEBFORM on the JewishGen web site (http://www.jewishgen.org)

To: listserv@...

To set to MAIL:

set jewishgen mail

To set to INDEX

set jewishgen index

To set to NOMAIL

set jewishgen nomail

4) There are several features which we have become accustomed which are not
included in this version of the software (although upgrades look

b) Numbering digests (although messages are numbered in the digest now
c) Concealed memberships

5) JewishGen and all the SIG lists we host are now using the same software.
There are a ton of new features but as we discussed, we will begin
implementing them slowly but surely. We are trying to get a team of
volunteers up and running as well as the SIG volunteers who will managing
their own lists 100%.

Special thanks to Michael Tobias, Iris Folkson, Ruth Grant, Carol Skydell
and our team of moderators, Susana Bloch, Viviane Ship and Mike Hilson for
hanging tough during this move. Although a little perilous, we shall all be
happy one day that we aren't trying to remember commands for several pieces
of software.

Also thanks to the SIGs and their volunteers for bearing with us. We have
tried to make it as seamless possible, although a few glitches have

JewishGen will also be hosting a new Belarus SIG which went online today...
and a soon to be announced Latin American SIG which we hope to have online
within a few days.

Perhaps while we are working out the kinks and getting things running
stable again here.. perhaps those of you who participated in the Summer
Seminar in Los Angeles might share some of your experiences.

Those of us who have been reeling ever since... can catch our breaths...
before we start anew, in typical JewishGen style of course. Lots of new
projects on the horizon.. and lots of areas where we can all get involved.

In any event, thank you for your patience... and your support! We certainly
appreciate every bit of it!


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