"Censuses of jews in Ukraine 1765-1791" #general

Yackov & Lena Berkun <berkun@...>

I found very interesting book in the library of Yad Vashem Museum:
"Censuses of jewish population in South- West Part in 1765- 1791.
Archives of S-W Russia, part 5", 2 volumes edited, by Kamanin I.,
It contains a lot of statistical information about jewish societies in
these part of Poland, which later (1795) became a part of Russia
(Volynskaya, Podolskaya, Kievskaya gubernia).Thenit was 4 "voevodstvo"
(region): Kiev (including Kiev, Zhitomir, Ovtchutch "povet"-districts),
Volyn (Lutsk, Vladimir, Kremenets povet), Podol (Kamenets,Letitchev,
Tchervonograd povet), Bratslav (Bratsslav and Vinnitsa
Every jewish society in this huge region is listed, number of jews
living, belonging to "kagal". In each place there are first and
names of 3 jews participating those censuses ( usualy between them rabi
and starosta of place).
To bad is that it was before jews used family names.
Yackov Berkun, Jerusalem
searching BERKUN, KAPLEVATSKI, RABINOVITCH >from Zguritsi and Soroki,
RABINOVITCH rabbi of Konetspol (Parnivka), Balta uezd, Podolia
FELDMAN >from Zguritsi and Shargorod, Podolia
POTIK >from Kapreshti and Kamenka, Bessarabia
BERENSHTEIN >from Kapreshti, Bessarabia
VUGMAN >from Raspopeni, Bessarabia
SHEICHET, GETS >from Mozyr, Minsk gubenia Belorussia
KATSENELSON >from Rechytsa, Minsk gubenia Belorussia
AXELROD >from Korostyshev, Zhitomir oblast
MOSTOVOI >from Radomyshl, Zhitomir oblast
descendants of rabbi Itschak Aizik ben Yoel KATS 1753-1788,
and of Zvi Hirsh RABINOVITCH, rabbi of Mejiritch, Volin

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