Researching at the Television Museum #general

Vicki Karno <vkarno@...>

Armed with an obituary >from the NY Times, I had a list of movies,plays and
television shows
where actor/cousin Morris Carnofsky appeared. The Television Museum in
Beverly Hill (Beverly Dr.
at Little Santa Monica) is a great place to relive childhood moments as
well as research.
Going to the incredible computer library room I pulled up all the
television films available.
After ordering them, I proceeded to viewing cubicle which was mine for a
two hour period.
American Playhouse presents The World of Sholom Alecheim, starring cousin
Morris, Zero Mostel,
Molly Picon, etc. On a hunch, we checked out listings for Louis Armstrong,
who mentions
the Karnofsky family in his biography. Sure enough in 1979 Sachmo special,
during one of
the interview segments Louie talks about Mama Karnofsky teaching him to be
good to people.
He remembered her rocking baby David and all the children singing a lullaby
- which he scat
sang. What a thrill!

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