Kovna #general

Barbara C. Johnson <barbaracjohnson@...>

When I recently looked at the 1920 Census for my maternal
grandparents, I had to search Walnut Street in CHELSEA, MA. Half
of Chelsea -- at least that particular area -- was >from Kovna. I
remember thinking, What happened in Kovna that the whole damn
town left. It was really quite remarkable. Neighbor after

Some group should organize to copy >from the 1910 and 1920
Censuses (pl?) the sreets containing the known pockets of Jewish
immigrants in certain cities, and put it up on the Net. At least
it's in English and will dispense with so much guessing at how
the names were spelled at the time they arrived and the
shtetls/cities/towns >from which they came and the names of their
children living at the time. WE REALLY HAVE TO ASK OURSELVES HOW
ARCHIVES AT WALTHAM, MASS. I really do think I'm missing
something here. I probably spent 8 or 9 hours in total at
Waltham plus travel to and fro three times. Is each of us going
to make one or more trips to wind and rewind microfiche? I guess
what I'm saying is that the info has to be made more easily
accessible. And that's only the early part of the search. The
passenger lists for ships going to New York are in Pittsfield,
the other side of our state. I'm one of the lucky ones. Think
of those for whom Pittsfield will be more than a day or two
trip. You realize, don't you, that if any of us ran our
businesses this ineffeciently, we'd be in or headed for

MODERATOR NOTE: Ideas are always welcomed on how to improve
research methods, so are you willing to head up an effort to
organize and implement this project? Additionally, we could
begin by looking at the piles of papers we all have and see
which contain names that can be shared with other J'Genners.

Susan King proposed that all the photocopies of census records,
all the copies of passenger manifest pages, all the lists of
names we have on documents be sent to JewishGen for scanning
into a proposed document storage and retrieval system. Folks
attending the Los Angeles seminar graciously shared all manner
of information and it has been scanned, waiting for the retrieval
system to become an actuality.

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