Re: KAMINSKY #general

Barbara C. Johnson <barbaracjohnson@...>

When I was in highschool (class of '52, 45 years ago, I had a
crush on a young man about two or three years older than I. His
name was Phil Kaminsky. He was very blond and extremely
handsome. If I remember correctly, he came >from around Methuen
or Chelmsford, MA. I haven't seen him in as many years. I do
know he went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), a very
good engineering school. I went to some prom, maybe even a
homecoming weekend, with him. He would have been in the class
of '53, '54, or '55. Write the WPI alumni office and have them
forward your note to him. If he is interested in answering, he
will. See the Khazaria site for red-haired Jews. The Turkish
nation of Jews. Apparently it was the Turks who had the red hair
and then they invited the Jews and the entire nation converted to
Judaism. Evidently red-hair was predominant there until circa
850, when the Mongols overran it.

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