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Mike Lipsie <Mike_Lipsie@...>

Corin Goodwin wrote:

2. A cousin is sending me studio photos of my gggf and gggf >from Russia.
On the back is some writing -- probably the name of the studio, but
possibly also other notes on who/when/where/etc. Unfortunately, it's in
Cyrillic (spel?), which I can't read. Does anyone know where I can get
it translated?
I would volunteer my services however my one year of college Russianis
embarrassingly far in my past.

I will point out that there are many recent emigrants >from "the former Soviet
Union" in the Bay Area. Try the Jewish Family Services, a JCC, or maybe
even the Russian Center in San Francisco. One of them might be able to
direct you to someone who could help.

As a last resort, we could see if any of that coursework >from over 30 years
ago managed to stick in my poor brain. I do have a couple of elementary
Russian-English dictionaries that you could use once the words are figured

Good luck.

//Corin Barsily Goodwin
Cupertino, CA
Mike Lipsie / (home)

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