LA Syllabus #general


From: (Marilyn Newman)

Not withstanding the fact that the Seminar in LA was the work of a VERY
diligent group of LA JGS members, it is the Syllabus that I feel is worthy of
mention. It is outstanding and most informative. In addition to details of
genealogical research information, it contains excellent overviews of most of
the speakers' lectures, the appended surname family finder, reference
information sources, the inclusion of contact information of over 70 JGSs and
10 SIGs plus updates >from several liaison groups and a statement >from the
Center for Jewish History in New York on its planned Jewish Genealogical
Institute to be established in the near future.

I plan to incorporate using the Syllabus as part of the program for our
Pittsburgh JGS meeting on September 14th.

Since I don't want to leave out the names of specific people involved with the
compilation of this book and the Seminar, in general, I will just say many
thanks to ALL for an excellent job.

Marilyn Newman

Researching: Geler - Kovno Gubernia, Lith.
Eber - Kovno Gubernia, Lith.
Sussman - Tirgu Ocna, Romania
Greenberg - Moinesti, Romania

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