Re: People not found in the cemetery #general

Lew Norman <lewnorman@...>

Subject: Re: People not found in the cemetery
From: efanwick@... (Eric Fanwick)
Date: 8/3/98 10:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time

This problem can be helped with full participation in the International
Jewish Cemetery Project. Phase II allows you to browse through all the
names of a cemetery and
you will recognize the person you want when your find him or her.
What is this project? At the present time I am computerizing the record's
of my Shul's Cemetery and would be happy to include my records in a
centralized database.

Eric S. Fanwick
Dear Eric, you did not give us a location for yourself (city, Country) after
your name as is requested on all posts to the JewishGen Discussion Group. You
are probably new to this discussion group. Go to the JewishGen web site and
click on Cemetery Project. This has been going on for years and and referred
to at least once a day in the discussion group. It is amazing to me that so
many people post to the JewishGen discussion group but have never seen the web
site with its FAQ, which answers at least 50% of all the questions asked in
the discussion group. Please check it out. Regards, Lew Norman

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