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<< I am interested in hearing >from those with the subject surname and more
importantly what their names may have been changed from. I search for the

They were all probably tobacco merchants. My wife's British family had a
Tomback relative. Tabachnik is probably another alternative

Michael Bernet

Bernet: >from Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nürnberg, Hirschaid, (Bavaria)
Königshöfer: >from Welbhausen, Königshofen, Fürth (S. Germany)
Altmann: >from Kattowitz, Breslau, Poznan (Posen), Beuthen
(Bytom)--Upper Silesia/Poland
Wolf(f): >from Fürth, Nurnberg, Augsburg, Frankfurt (S Germany),

Wolf, Sali (Salomon?) of Rotterdam, murdered by Dr. Petiot in Paris ca 1942
Weil(l), Albert, French hon. consul in Nurnberg, Germany; returned to
France 1936/7. Daughters Alice & Yvonne, b ca 1920), his mother was a Bernet
Bernet, Albert, b. 1896/7, soldier in German Army (>from Nurnberg), killed
near Lille, 1915

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