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Dear Jewish Genners,
I am a beginner in this subject and I trust the information I am passing
on to you is comprehensible and clear.

In the first place, I am looking for information on my ggrandfather,
Moses (Max) LILIENTHAL born in Essen, Germany, November 6, 1860, and who
died 1939 in Rezende, Brazil. I have no data about his parents and
according to family memories he was an only child. He was married to
Julie David (about whom I know absolutely nothing, but would like to
know) and moved to Koln (I don't know when), where his three children
were born: Elze, Karl (born December 21, 1893) and Fritz. Else married
Karl TEUTSCH, had a daughter called Anneliese and moved to London, where
she died in 1973 (her daughter died before her and left no descendants).
Karl, my grandfather, became a physician and married Nora SCHLESINGER
and had one son, my father Hans. The couple died in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Fritz moved to Amsterdam, where he had a tobacco shop, and where he
married a Dutch girl, Clara (? surname). Both died in a concentration
camp (no info available). As far as it is known, they left no

On the other side, I would also like to find out details on the family
of my grandmother Nora. She was born in Essen, Germany, on March 28,
1895, daughter of Dr. Vet. Martin SCHLESINGER and Anna Maria Paulina
Walevska SCHLESINGER (? Maiden name), both born in Upper Silesia
(Oberschlesien) (names of city or cities unknown as well as their
birth-dates). In all, they had ten children (two of which died as
infants - their names are not known) and all of them were born in
Essen. The order of birth in unknown to me.

My grandmother Nora had a twin sister, Irmgard. She married Dr Bruno
BARBASCH, settled in Israel, and had two daughters: Anita and Lore
(both born in Germany, perhaps in Berlin). Anita died in her twenties,
in Israel, shortly after being widowed (name of husband unknown). Lore
(who must be in her late sixties today) married E. (?) PRAEGER and had
one son, Dan (Daniel?) PRAEGER. For some time they lived in Beverly
Hills, CA, but I lost contact. Irmgard BARBASCH died in Israel in the
60's. The other SCHLESINGER children were:

- Hans SCHLESINGER, who may have changed his name to SCHLE, SCHLEE or
SCHLEGER, married Helen (? surname) and had at least one daughter, named
Barbara. They also moved to Israel; it is said of him that he was a
great musician and that for some time he was the musical director of
either Radio Jersusalem or Tel-Aviv.
- Sabine SCHLESINGER. The only thing known about her is that about 1970
she lived in the US.
- Erna SCHLESINGER. She married (? name) PIRKOSCH and had at least one
son called Rolf PIRKOSCH. The last news >from her was that she was an
actress and lived in Stuttgart, Germany.
- Ada SCHLESINGER - no data.
- Fritz SCHLESINGER - no data. Last info: lived in Essen.
- Ilse SCHLESINGER - lived and died in Essen.

I'd be extremely thankful for any information anybody could let me have
about any of the persons mentioned.

Luiz Alfredo Lilienthal
Sao Paulo, Brazil

mailto: lilienth@...

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