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Subject: Kovna
From: barbaracjohnson@... (Barbara C. Johnson)
Date: 8/4/98 10:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

When I recently looked at the 1920 Census for my maternal grandparents, I had
to search Walnut Street in CHELSEA, MA. Half
of Chelsea -- at least that particular area -- was >from Kovna. I remember
thinking, What happened in Kovna that the whole damn
town left. It was really quite remarkable. Neighbor after neighbor.

Some group should organize to copy >from the 1910 and 1920 Censuses (pl?) the
sreets containing the known pockets of Jewish
immigrants in certain cities, and put it up on the Net. At least it's in
English and will dispense with so much guessing at how
the names were spelled at the time they arrived and the shtetls/cities/towns
from which they came and the names of their
children living at the time...
During the late 19th Century, due to famine, pogroms,the desire to escape the
Czar's army, the opportunity for freedom and ecouragement >from shipping
companies, many Litvaks emigrated >from Lithuania to the US, South Africa, and
other places. In a process called "chain migration," families followed each
other and their neighbors to America. It was not unusual for the population of
entire shtetls to settle in the same towns. Burial and social service
societies were established to provide assistance to newcomers.

The LitvakSIG is particularly interested in this material. Whenever you are
photocopying census records and see pockets of residents >from Lithuanian towns
such as Kovno, please make some additional copies and send them to
<Litvaks@...>. We will add these records to our All Lithuania Database. See

David Hoffman
Co-Coordinator, LitvakSIG
Woodland Hills, CA

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