Re: Where are Affidavit and Visa Records? #general


<< On another note, the information I had about my other grandfather yielded a
saying the based on the information supplied, there were no records to be
found. It
seems that my grandfather arrived prior to 1892 when he was naturalized.
would be in the county/state/district court, but no court I've checked has
on him. So, sometimes it's hit or miss. Don't get discouraged. When it's a
its grand. Keep on searching. >>


It's always encouraging to hear of a hit! You didn't mention what state your
'non information' grandfather applied for citizenship in or what other records
you might have checked. I know that for New York there is a Soundex Index of
(alphabetical by first name within soundex code) available for naturalizations
from 1792 - 1906 which has also been filmed by the LDS (searches can also be
made through the Municipal Archives).

Also the 1900 Federal census (all states) shows year of arrival and the 1910
and 1920 censi have year of arrival as well as year of naturalization.
Unfortunately the older naturalization records don't have very much
information on them but year of arrival should help to isolate passenger

Best of luck!

Tracy Lewis
Anchorage, AK

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