ABELES in Bohemia #austria-czech


I have been researching my Abeles ancestors for many years.
Recently, I have received new information. If anyone knows
anything about the following people, I would appreciate hearing
from him/her.
I. Jehuda Abeles, branntweinbrenner in H? bei Zedwitz
Probably born bet. 1760-1770

i. Meyer Abeles,, branntweinbrenner in Petrowitz bei
Rakonitz. Probably born about 1800. Married to
Rosa russ

1. Salomon - branntweinbrenner in Turnau
2. Lazar - weber
3. David, Petrowitz, 1822-1889, married Eva Kussy
(I have extensive information him)
4. Hermann, fabrikant in Soka
5. Josef, lederhandler in Horic (?)
6. Rubin, muhlbesitzev in Prag (I know about him

Abeles in Petrowitz, Rakonitz
Lowy in Flohau

Susan L. Lubow
Morristown, NJ 07960

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