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My grandmother, Toba GORLITSKY, was born in CHMIELNIK in
around 1885. I figured that her family spoke only Polish
so when I went looking for the record of her birth on the
3 LDS Family History microfilms for Poland I was surprised
to see that they were all written in Russian. Was CHMIELNIK
part of the Ukraine or White Russia >from 1875-1885 or were
records kept in Russian in a Polish speaking country?
You forget that Poland WAS NOT A COUNTRY >from 1795 until
1918 -- its territory was partitioned between the Austrian,
Russian and Prussian Empires.

The town of Chmielnik was in the Russian portion between
1815 and 1918. After the Polish insurrection of the 1860s,
the Czarist government forced all official documents to
be kept in the Russian language. For more details, see
the JewishGen InfoFile "Vital Records in Poland":

The city of Chmielnik is located in south-central Poland,
in the current administrative district of Kielce, 82 km
northeast of the city of Krakow (18 miles SSE of the city
of Kielce), at 50 38'N 20 45'E. Between 1945 and 1975
Chmielnik was in Kielce wojewodztwo (province); it was also
in the Kielce wojewodztwo of the second Polish republic
between the world wars. Chmielnik was in Stopnica uezd
(district) of Kielce gubernia (province) of Russian Poland
(Kingdom of Poland) before WWI (1867-1917), was in Radom
gubernia 1844-1867, and was in Szydlow powiat (county)
Krakow wojewodztwo 1815-1844. Chmielnik was in the
Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw 1809-1813; and was in Stopnica
kreis (county) of West Galicia (a province of the Austrian
Empire) 1795-1809.

Chmeilnik was in Kielce gubernia of Russian Poland when
most of our ancestors left there (1867-1917). The
Kielce-Radom SIG will be publishing a large article
about the Jewish community of Chmielnik in the near
future. See <>.


Warren Blatt
Boston, MA

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