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I am searching any information about:

1. Gunter (Jehoyakim ) DAVID born maybe in 1930 in Berlin come with his
parents Martin David and Hella David (>from Posen ) in 1936 to Tel Aviv
Israel.In 1948 or 1949 Gunter David mowed to the States .What I know is that
he was marriage and lived in Newark N.J or surrounding areas, he was a
journalist. His father Martin David dead in New York.

2. Miriam BECKER >from Edmonton Canada (age 60?) daughter of Richard Becker
born begin this century in Rogasen ( Rogozno) Poland. Mowd to the USA befor
WW II and after the war he emigrate to Edmonton Canada. brother Max Becker
lived in New York and past away in 1980 or 1981.

3. I am searching relativs or descendants of the KREH,KRAY or CREE family in
Texas .Agnes Kray was living in San Antonio TX. And another member of the
family Max Kreh ( a cousin of Agnes Kray ) was living in New Orleans La.The
Grandfather of Agnes Kray was Jacob (John ) Kreh born in Rogasen ( Rgozno )
today Poland. Circa 1845-1850 as a young man he came to Texas to avoid the
long Prussian military service. The Texans pronounced his name with a long "
e ", therefore he changed the spelling to " KRAY ". All other members of the
family spelt it " KREH ". Jacob Kreh ( KRAY) was married to Ann Murphy the
have 4 children: John Kray,Kate Kray, Gustav Kray and Jams Harvey Kray.Jams
Kray have 2 children Agnes Kray and Mammy Kray. The lived in San Antonio TX.
Mammy Kray married Louis Jacob SCHARLACK and have 2 children Miriam Louise
and Meyer Jams, perhaps the living in California.

Any help would be appreciated.
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