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Alexander Sharon <sharon@...>

Ed Goldstein wrote:

I have easily found my Goldstein records in and around
Bialystok-Tykocin-Warsaw. The problem of the name being "Transported" or
as a surname when arriving in the USA or Canada comes >from the many
of GOLDSTEIN in Eastern Europe as well as the translation >from the
alphabet. This is not to mention the difficulty of pronouncing the name
properly to the Anglo-Immigration officers upon arrival. I have seen
spelled: Khaltzshtein, Julzhtein, Do you see the schism in the
It would appear that the name of Goldstein is like some fine wines: It
not necessarily travel well.
For those of you who want to follow up on my message there are oodles of
Goldstein spelling " Errors " in the FAMILY FINDER section of

Ed Goldstein

Ther is another "popular" Polish variation in Goldstein and other Jewish
surnames ending with the "stein" (engl."stone") - Goldsztajn, Rubinsztajn,
Epsztajn, and so on. Another yet Polish Jewish names variations is
associated with the "klein" (engl. "small") = Klajnberg, Klajndorp,
Klajnszul, etc.

Alexander Sharon
Clgary, Ab.

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