Volhynia SIG #general

LSHAPSKI <lshapski@...>

Dear Folks:

I previously wrote asking about the Volhynia SIG, which had disappeared from
the SIG listing. It's back now, but still inaccessible. That is, every SIG
but Keidan and Volhynia shows up on my list (on AOL) in blue, as something I
can double click and access. Those two are not available in that way. Is that
how it should be? I might be able to subscribe, haven't tried to thus far.

If I were to subscribe, are the messages available without unscrambling
something? I have always preferred the newsgroup method of obtaining messages
from the general discussion group. When I wasn't able to get them due to
central systems problems, I subscribed, but most of the messages came in MIME
and I was never able to unscramble them. (Friends of mine who are computer
mavens but live a few hours away spent 2 hours with me on the phone- I have 2
lines- trying to tell me what to do to decode MIME, but then it was late and we
left it for another day. I put off calling them again, knowing how much
trouble I put them through the first time, and then the newsgroup method
started working again, so I never did call. My computer is a 486 and I use an
older version of AOL.)

Lynne Shapiro

P.S. After my first message on this subject, I received an E-mail >from someone
else who said they were also unable to access the Volhynia SIG on their

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