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Alexander Sharon <sharona@...> wrote:

First, the Litvak area is in the region formerly controlled by the Kingdom
Of Lithuania, much larger than it's present size. So, people whose parents
were in what might today be called Poland or Belarus were under the
influence of the old Lithuania.
On subject of Litvaks and their territorial-language influences, exists an
excellent publication by dr. Saul Issroff, the authority on this subject. Dr.
Issroff's publication is located on JewishGen website.

The area called Galicia is further south
and encompasses today's Austria, Hungary, Romania, etc.
I am affraid that a bit too much territory was "given" to Galicia. Even during
the Poland's partitions at the end of 18th century, Kigdom of Galicia didnt
encompass such large territory, and never included lands of todays Austria,
Hungary and Romania. Galicia is subdivided into western and eastern parts,
divided by river Bug is bordering on the south by Carpathian mountains. All
territory of Galicia has been historically part of Poland, today western part of
Galicia is within the Polish south east part, and eastern part belongs to


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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