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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Susan L. Lubow of Morristown, NJ writes: I have been
researching my ABELES ancestors for many years.
Recently, I have received new information. If anyone
knows anything about the following people, I would
appreciate hearing >from him/her:

I. Jehuda ABELES, Branntweinbrenner in H? bei Zedwitz
- Probably born bet. 1760-1770
i. Meyer ABELES, Branntweinbrenner in Petrowitz bei
Rakonitz. Probably born about 1800. Married to Rosa
RUSS etc

I have good news for Susan. Jehuda was one of the many
distillers who took leases on properties and moved
around. By 1793 he was no longer in H? by Zedwitz but
was already settled in Petrowitz/Petrovice Rakonitzer
Kreis as a "Bestand Jude in herrschaftlichen Haus", ie
he had the distilling and potash concession >from the
Lord of the Manor.

His name is given as Juda and he is married to Anna. A
footnote implies he has taken over this concession
from Herschmann BORGES [Prague]. He is listed as being
zustandig [resident] in Hochlieben. [Vol 5 p347]

Now here is the surprise for Susan. Mayer [Meyer] was
already born in 1793 and he is the last of five
brothers - there are also two sisters.

1. The first born son Abraham is already married ie
perhaps aged 24 and living in Chiesch/Cyse, Saatzer
Kreis, working in the Ciesch textile factory. Indeed
we find him in Chiesch, called Alexander, with two
sons Samson and Joachim. He is denoted as a fabric
dealer and is resident of Weiten Trebetitsch {Vol IV

2. Then come sons all unmarried: Isak, Lebl, Josef and

3. The two daughters are called Regina and Martha

4. In the Rakonitzer kreis we find two RUSS families.
They live in Geniowes Herrschaft/Gut which
incidentally has a village in it called
Weltruss/Veltrusy - could this be the origin of the
name RUSS? The two RUSS families live side-by-side in
neighbouring Wojkowiz/Vojkovice and are both dealers.
Moises is married with four daughters - the third is
called Rosalia - Could she be the future wife of
Mayer? Josef Russ is also married and has a son Marek
and three daughters [Vol V p319].

Mayer could have been a "late baby" and born in the
1880s. His oldest brother, Abraham [Alexander], must
have been born ca 1768 -then we have three further
brothers and perhaps two sisters before Mayer arrived
ca 1780-1785. We know >from what Susan writes that
Mayer's third-born son David ABELES was born in 1822,
so Mayer probably married when he was in his late
thirties. It may have taken that long to obtain a
familiant licence.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: All the references are >from the 1793 Jewish
Census of Bohemia.

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