WOLF in Austria, Beit Therezin, and Aufbau #general

Candice Bradley and Daniel Byrne <djbyrne@...>

I sent my first message to JewishGen yesterday and already the
information I wrote on the WOLF family is incorrect. I learned today,
through the assistance of an organization called Beit Theresienstadt (or
Beit Therezin), that my great grandmother, Clara FUCHS WOLF, and her
daughter, Flora HERTZKA, were not sent to Theresienstadt.

I searched the JewishGen archives and do not believe that information on
Beit Therezin has yet been posted. If I am posting redundant
information, I apologize. However, I am amazed by the quick work of
this organization and am posting information here for others who may
wish to obtain a computer printout about relatives who were sent to

Kibbutz Givat Chaym Ichud,
Mobil Post Emek Hefer,
38935 Israel.

Tel: + 972-6-369515
Fax: + 972-6-369611

E-Mail: bterezin@inter.net.il
web site: http://www.cet.ac.il/terezin

The Beit Thereseinstadt web page in English is at:

The following description is >from their webpage:

"Beit Theresienstadt at Kibbutz Givat Chaym Ichud was erected in memory
of the Jews of Ghetto Theresienstadt who perished during the Nazi
persecution. The corner stone was laid in 1969 and the official opening
was in 1975. The "Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance Association" built
this edifice through the initiative of the surviving members of the
Zionist Youth Movement and the "Hechalutz" organization living in
Israel. Not a mute monument but a living and active institution."

Although there are many Theresienstadt related exhibits and archives at
this museum, the following service may be of interest to people on this

"Information on the fate of the nearly 150,000 prisoners of Ghetto
Terezin is stored in our Computerized Data Base and available on
request. The fee for a query is Nis.15.00 - per name."

Apparently they provided information to Madeleine Albright about her
Jewish ancestors. I was intrigued by the idea of a computer printout
about my relatives' fates. However, through the work of this
organization I now know that we were wrong about where my relatives were
sent. A researcher at Beit Theresienstadt is trying to find out what
happened to them. I plan to send them a donation even if no
information is found on my relatives (they can accept checks drawn on US

In the meantime, I am wondering if anyone knows if there are microfilms
of the issues of Aufbau where concentration camp deaths were listed
toward the end of the war. Clara WOLF's death was listed in the
Aufbau, and this was how my grandfather and his remaining siblings
learned about it. I saw some discussion of the Aufbau in the
archives, but it is not clear whether films of these Aufbau issues or
listings are available, e.g. through interlibrary loan. I cannot
travel to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. in the near future to look up
this information.

Nevertheless, I hope the information on Beit Theresienstadt is helpful
to somebody.

Candice Bradley
Appleton, WI

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