Seeking information about Moshe Katz Yiddish Author from South America. #general



Possibly some of our South American friends can help me out.

I am seeking information about my deceased Grand Uncle, Yiddish author Moshe

I am told that he was born in Poland (possibly Kazimierz Dolny) and had been a
businessman in Heidelberg, Germany. He escaped to Argentina and had been
trained to be a furrier but was also a writer. He had gone to Buenos Aires
and then moved to Cordoba, Argentina. He was listed in the Who's Who of
Argentine writers (I do not have a copy of the listing and do not know which
year). I was also told he was not married until he arrived in Argentina and
possibly was married twice. I do have a picture of him that appeared in an
Argentine Jewish publication. Although the caption is missing I was told it
described him as a "dichter", a poet. I have been loaned >from a family member
a copy of his Yiddish book published in 1946. On the cover is the picture of
the devil and a German Swatztika in a flag stuck in a globe of the earth. I
had the title translated and it is "This is the Way it Began" a novel by Moshe
Katz. It also says "A Novel in 5 Parts". The title of the prolog is "The

No one knows if he had any children but if so I might have some unknown
relatives in South America.

I appreciate any help in gathering information about this relative.

Norm Katz

Searching: Katz - Kazimierz Dolny & Pulawy, Poland
Edelstein - Pulawy, Poland
Gerstein - Pulawy, Poland
Gordon - Possibly the Vilna area
Litvak - Near Kiev, Ukraine

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