Re: Szapse = Shabbetai? or Yosef? #general


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<< translation as to the firstname of Szapse. The origin is
>>from Austria and the Hebrew Name would be Yitzchak. Thank you
>Mike Greenberg

Even though your ancestor's Hebrew name was Yitzchak, the name Szapse does
not correspond to Yitzhak (which is Itzik in Yiddish, Isaac in English
transliteration). Szapse sounds like a Yiddish abbreviation of the Hebrew
name"Shabbsai" (an Ashkenazic pronunciation of Shabbetai.). Perhaps your
ancestor had two names, Shabbetai Yitzchak or vice versa?

Shepsl (Schepsel) are popular forms for Shabbetai. Seppel/Sheppel can be a
form of Josef

Michael Bernet, New York

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