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sam corwin <scorwin@...>

In a recent posting regarding POWs', Valerie Gold
mentioned her uncle's five year internment at a POW
camp and his name change.
All military personnel had "dog tags" and were
required to wear them at all times. They were
stamped with name, ID numer and religious
preference. (C,H,P ). Her uncle must have swapped
his dog tags with perhaps a dead man to assume his
identity,for an H stamped on a dog tag would have
meant many things to a man about to be captured. The
dead person would be listed as Missing in Action
unless he was found with her uncle's dog tags on
him. Then her uncle would have been listed as Killed
in Action.
I don't know if this deals with geneology for I
would have sent it to Valerie if she had posted a
return Email address.

Sam Corwin

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