Q: Pre WWI US Military Service #general

Joshua and Adrienne Narrowe <narrowes@...>

I recently found my g-g uncle, Isidore (Irving) DIX's WWI draft
registration card. To my surprise he had already served one year in the
US military by this time (June 1917) (his poor mother!).

I could use a little help in understanding some of the info on his card
so that I'll know where to look for further info on his service.

Since he was born in 1889 (NYC), I think he missed the Spanish-American
war and Phillipine Insurrection.
On the bottom of the card it says:
Rank: Private Branch: C.A.C (that's what it looks like anyway)
Years: 1 yr. 10c/a Nation or state: US
Do you claim exemption >from the draft : No
There's a large X over this card and a CA written in the lower left

Any ideas on branch of service and what type of service
(volunteer/draftee/regular Army) this might indicate?

All suggestions appreciated in private response unless helpful to the
group at large.
Adrienne Narrowe
Scott AFB, IL

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