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Subject: surname MELTSNER
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Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 20:59:53 EDT
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I am researching the MELTSNERS >from Lithuania (Kovno region). Does anyone
know what, if anything, Meltsner means. I had once heard that the name may
imply that they were malt merchants. Perhaps there is a hebrew meaning.

Thank you,
Allison George

Dear Jewish genners,
In the Magazine "Reshumot" >from 1930 .published in Tel Aviv by Chaim Nachman
Bialik and J.H.Ravnizky I find a article by Eliezer Shelomo Rabinowiz. He
Wright about the name Meltzer ,it can come >from the Hebrew Melzar and it
mean a Waiter. But he think that the name came >from the town name" Melts "
near Vilna (today Vilnius) in Lithuania .And >from this he think that the
name is Meltser. Perhaps came the name Meltsner also >from this place. You
Wright that the Meltsners came >from Kovna (today Kaunas) in Lithuania and
the town Melts is also in Lithuania, >from Kaunas to Vilnius are only 55
miles so I think that this is the origin of you family name. In German you
Wright Malt : Malz and i don't think that this is the origin of the name.
perhaps know anyone what is the meaning of Beider on this name ? I haven't
his books in my home. I can't find the town "Melts" on a Atlas, perhaps
today the town have another name.
Success with you searching
best regards
Ury link

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