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gayle riley <key2pst@...>

Hi Folk, let's clear up the miss info, I let out of the bag.
<BR>The name of the book in Yiddish is..... A Zekher Fun Meiin Shtetl Dzikow
<BR>In English...Remembraces >from My Shtetl Dzikow..the author is Yitzhok
<BR>published in Paris&nbsp; <U>1948</U>
<BR>I have checked every library I could, by the internet, with no success.
A e-mail friend has the book in Brooklyn, he is sending me the article
on my family. I would like to borrow the whole book by inter-library loan,
to see it myself. Does ANYONE know a library with inter-library loan who
has it. The book is about Tarnobrzeg.
<BR>SEEKING info on the&nbsp; EDER and SCHLISSEL family.
<BR>Not responsible for spelling errors.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;

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