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Dear People,

Elsa Drezner asked about a book printed in Paris in 1978, which she
thought was called "Memories of My Shtetl," concerning Dzikow-Tarnobrzeg.
After calling my local bookstores, I did an online search at various used
bookstores, especially those specializing in Judaica for such a book, but
turned up only a book of memories of a life in Lithuanian shtetl.

However, in Appendix ll of ">from a Ruined Garden," (1998 Edition), YIVO
librarian Zachary Baker lists a Yizkor book, written in Hebrew and Yiddish
called "Kehilat Tarnobrzeg-Dzikow (Galicia ha-ma-aravit) [The Community of
Tarnbrez-Dzikow (Western Galicia)]. Ed Yaakov Yehoshua Fleishder. Tel Aviv:
Tarnobrzeg-Dzikow Society, 1973, 379 pp., illus.

Also, checking through the listings in that extraordinary and beautifully
organized Family Finder resource published by the Gesher Galicia Society, I
saw that many members of that Society are interested in Tarnbrzeg and two are
listed as interested in Dzikow. (I don't know whether they are two separate
shtetls, close together, or just one shtetl. If I get permission >from the
Society to copy the names and email and regular addresses I will send them to
Ms. Drezner. Ms. Drezner might want to write to them to learn what research
they have done. Otherwise, she herself should write to the Chairperson,
Shelley Pollero, at:

Naomi Fatouros
Sincere congratulations, Naomi!

Even Sherlock Holmes wouldn't be able to make it in mysterious world of the Jewish

Alexander Sharon
calgary, Alberta

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