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Joyce writes:
jdmeyer <jdmeyer@...>

my pgggf was Philip (Phillip?) Schrager >from Iasi, >Romania.
I was told he went to Palestine to die -- this would >probably have been
c. 1910.
Is there any way to look up deaths this early >from records >in Israel?
Yes indeed! Sallyann Sack's book "A Guide to Jewish Gernealogical Research
in Israel" ISBN 0-9626373-7-8
provides the addresses to various Chevra Kadisha (Burial Societies) For a
modest donation they will look up the information and mail it back to you.
That's how I found the grave of my mggrandmother on Mt. of Olives Cemetery
for exactly the same time period Joyce mentions.

Now, thanks to the willingness and persistence of Israel Pickholtz in
Israel, for whom my sister did some research in the LDS records here in the
U.S., we are close to being able to have a phtograph the stone! Israel has
found the grave, but the stone needs to be turned over so he can
photograph it and to do this he needs the help of some stronger, younger
people. <grin> Knowing Israel, he will get the job done, soon

Bottom line is, if you do your "homework" and are prepared to do research
in return for a favor, you can get the job done. Heartfelt thanks to Israel

Hate to sound like a billboard, but that's what JewishGen is all about!

Carol Skydell
Chilmark MA

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