Avon Ave Shul in Newark, NJ #general


I'm still trying to find out where Hirsch Melech (Herman) SEIBEL is buried. I
followed the leads sent to me by kind JGenners after my last Avon Ave post.
I've requested his death certificate >from the NJ archives three times, giving
a large span of years, but came up blank. I just wrote for his wife Lena's
certificate knowing they are buried side by side. I've called several of the
cemeteries in NY and NJ where other family members are buried. I thought if I
could get the _official_ name of that shul on Avon Avenue which he attended,
I might be able to connect it with a burial society. Since AJGS advises
visiting cemeteries in Newark ONLY on the Sunday between the High Holidays, I
would like to have a name before then with time to determine the cemetery. Any
leads appreciated.
Roni Seibel Liebowitz
New York

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