Double Burials #general

Schamroth <scham@...>

Upon receiving a list of ancestors buried in the Krakow cemetary, I
noted that several graves contained two bodies. I was most surprised
about this and contacted the relative who sent me the list ...he
confirmed it.

Several questions arise:

As far as I am aware, Jewish Halacha forbids such practice. I thus
assume that it was only practiced under extraordinary circumstances.
What were the circumstances of such "double burials", and at what period
did they occur? Also, did the burials take place simultaneously, or did
several years seperate the burials? Were such burials usually >from the
same family? (In my case, they were). Finally, did the tombstones bear
any inscription indicating which was the upper (or later) burial?

I have subsequently heard that there are also numerous double graves in
the Prague cemetery.


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