Searching for BLUMENFELD #general


Dear JewishGenners,

I'm just starting on my own family odyssey and I am amazed at both how little
and how much I know of my family.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide with information on my
grandparents and great grandparents.

My great grandfather was Saul (Soil) BLUMENFELD). He was born in Iasi,
Romania around 1865. He had at least two children - Bertha (Berta) and Joseph.

I am also looking for information on my grandmother - Kate ROSE, daughter of
Hyman ROSE and Ida BEEK of Russia (sorry - that's the best that I can do).
She was born on June 5, 1894. I know that when she and members of her family
arrived in America, that she stayed in New York and the rest of her family
went to Boston.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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