Batya Unteschatz/Search Bureau for Missing Persons/Jerusalem #general

Irwin Siegel <imsiegel@...>

Dear Jewishgenners:
During the past several weeks I have been sending messages to the regional
Jewish Genealogy Societies and Special Interest Groups re the uncertain
future of the Search Bureau for Missing Persons in Jerusalem which has been,
and hopefully will continue to be, in the very capable hands of Batya
Unterschatz. I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with my
computer, and as a result some of you have probably received multiple
messages while others remain undelivered.

To those of you who have received duplicate messages, I apologize for the
redundancy. If you have not as yet been contacted, or would like to receive
information as to plans for protecting this invaluable resource for Jewish
genealogists, please contact me privately at <bsiegel@...>.

Barbara Siegel E-mail: bsiegel@...

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