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Ruth Grant <rgrant1@...>

Hello JG'rs,
I'm forwarding this message on the off chance that any member searching for
family in any part of the Ukraine may find some new address or site they
haven't had before. I hope this may be of help to many of you; it has given
me some new contacts.

Ruth Grant
Scarborough, ME

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Hi Ruth!

I have come across some addresses you might be interested in.
Red Cross in Kiev
252004 Kiev
vul. Pushkinska, 30

Central State Historical Archives (main office)
24 Solomenskaya Street
Kiev 252601 Ukraine
Attn: Georgiy Papakin, Head of the International Dept.

Central State Historical Archives (office in western Ukraine)
3a Sobornaya Square
Lviv 290008 Ukraine
Attn: Orest Matsiuk, Director

I just added your name to my mailing list. You should be getting a message
from Listbot soon. They'll send you a message to confirm you want to be on
the list.

My second message hasn't been archived yet, but I'll summarize it for you.
I added a forum where you can correspond with other people searching for
missing relatives. The forum address is

I added a related websites page that lists 5 websites that offer free add
postings about missing persons. That page address is

I also told about a program I saw on Dateline NBC about a woman who found
her brother, who was missing for 53 years, through the Red Cross.
Ironically her brother was Ukrainian like your family members. If you're
still having troubles with your local Red Cross, then write directly to the
Red Cross in Kiev.

Here's the first message of my mailing list:

Thank you for joining my mailing list! Your interest is appreciated. I
made several additions yesterday to Operation: Family Unite.

The additions are:
Online Bookstore- 15 books related to searching for missing persons are
Directories Page- reorganized and updated.
Discussion Groups Page- updated with 30 more newsgroups.
European Government Services Page- lists services by governments
throughout Europe to help people find their family.

Operation: Family Unite Services- two people have offered services related
to finding missing persons.

US Embassies Page- provides links to all the US embassies online.
US Government Services- lists services >from the US government that can
help you find your relatives if they are living in the US

Guestbook-just added.


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