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Gertrude S. Ogushwitz <gsogush@...>

Paula Eisenstein Baker asked for a definition of code found in a telegram:
If memory serves <grin> <as a matter of fact, VBG> this is what seems right
to me:

33ny = (arrived) New York, 1933
10, 4ex = 10th month, 4th day extant (current) = October 4, 1933, 7.00 PM.
J = [code for office to which telegram was transmitted?)**
10 = month (October)
4ex = 4th day of the current (extant) month: date of delivery, October 4, 1933.
Boston, October 1, 1933 = date and place of origin of message

Ergo: the telegram originated in Boston on Sunday*, October 1, 1933 and was
sent to New York on Wednesday*, October 4, 1933 at 7.00 PM, (or perhaps it
was delivered to the recipient at 7.00 PM.)

*Perpetual Calendar, The World Almanac, (NY: Scripps-Howard, 1993)

**At least two telegraph companies co-existed in 1933: Postal Telegraph and
Western Union. Telegrams were sent by messengers on bicycles in those days
[imagine JewishGen via telegram?] as phones were a luxury during the
Depression. Telegrams delivered by phone came later.

Gertrude Singer Ogushwitz

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