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Ilya Zeldes <ilyaz@...>

RWeiss wrote:

Ilya Zeldes, in his comments on Howard Margol's
explanation of the meaning of
Revizskaia Skazka, fails to note that the modern
meaning of "skazka" is "fairy
tale" ...
I agree with, that a genealogist should treat any newly
discovered information as a <fairy tale>, unless proved otherwise. However,
to find examples of erroneous and misleading information, one need not to
travel back a century in time and thousands of miles overseas. Just look in
the modern Social Security files, in the passenger lists and, practically,
in many other documents at any depository of records. You'll find a number
of good examples to support your point.
In regard to the mention, that I failed <to note that the
modern meaning of "skazka" is "fairy tale">. You may remember, that my post
was about translation of <OLD RUSSIAN> term into <MODERN ENGLISH>. For this
purpose, the modern meaning of the old Russian term is meaningless!
Here again, I shall point to the hazards of <translation>...
Ilya Zeldes, Ph.D.

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