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Raymond Minkus <RDM@...>

In respect to Celia Male's commemoration of Jaques and Paula ABDELA,
it serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our ancestors
regardless of the year or nature of the brutality. For me, a novice in
this genealogical world and until recently not even remotely aware of my
heritage, it sadly demonstrates how little I know and yet motivates me
to devour every sentence about our Austrian-Bohemian-Moravian heritage.

Celia Male, in particular, and the other contributors who lend their
time and expertise to this SIG have become my eyes into the past and in
many respects, knowingly or not, help close loops that help me contend
with the future.

I am compelled to respond to Celia's writing the story of the Abdela's
for several reasons. Among those reasons are 1) the value of the asset
files as a source of genealogical information and one area I have not
explored; 2) the mention of the name of my great aunt, Maria Kraus of
Vienna or chronologically Maria Charlotte nee Minkus KRAUS (Enzersfeld,
Austria 12.05.1878 - Lodz ghetto where she died along with three or her
sisters); and 3) the mention of other Kraus relations of the Abdela's
which pointed me in the direction of my Kraus, but may have yielded an
unexpected nugget.

Sequentially, can members explain how to access the asset files as well
as provide insight on what the files will contain? Are there files on
all Jews living, working or studying in Vienna? Can they be accessed
remotely? I believe this could be a valuable resource for me and

Celia, can you provide any more information on the Maria Kraus of which
you wrote and the Kraus lineage with whom she was connected. While
this may not be the "Kraus" family I am searching for, perhaps there is
a link. My Maria Kraus married a Julius Kraus in Vienna around 1903 and
had four children, Marie, Georg, Julius Albert and the youngest born in
1911, Franz Kraus. I believe I have only records for mother Maria and
the youngest who died in an "unbekannt lager." I know nothing more of
possible spouses or children.

And finally for this go around, Celia's mention of Oskar Ludwig Kraus
motivated to look in my reference files on pre-WWII Czech Jews as well
as notes I had put together on a
Prague. I have found notes for two Otto Kraus' and an Otakar and Ota
Kraus. Perhaps someone could use those. However, reading into the
reference materials I found the name of Joseph WECHSBURG, once an editor
of "Jung Juda." I wasn't looking for it, but by happenstance found
what might be a link to my grandfather Karl MINKUS (Enzersfeld 1885 -
Chicago 1962).

Many months ago Celia mentioned to me finding a 1933 Vienna phone
directory with the name of a business in which my grandfather was
associated. It was Wechsberg & Minkus, which I thought was a grain
distribution company or housewares sales organization, two businesses
with which my grandfather was involved.

This finding sheds new light as I can only surmise this Joseph Wechsberg
must be the same or related to the Wechsberg who was a partner of my
grandfather's. Rummaging through photos after the death of my father,
Fritz Minkus, (Vienna 1927 - Chicago 1999) I found a photo of him around
age 5 or 6 who along with my Uncle were holding a copy of Juden
Tageblatt. It appears they were in a park in Vienna where my father was
appropriately outfitted in the attire of the day. Thus, if anyone can
provide details on the publisher and the management of the Juden
Tageblatt, I would greatly appreciate the information.

Please excuse the length and detail of this contribution, but I am not
able to write often. Celia, if I have misinterpreted any data please
let me know.

Thank you, all.

Raymond D. Minkus
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Velke Mezerici, Brno, Prerov, Hranice, Lipnik, Kromeriz=20

Subject: Remembering Jaques and Paula ABDELA of Vienna
From: Celia Male <celiamale@...>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 15:25:58 -0800 (PST)
X-Message-Number: 2

I do not know Jaques and Paula ABDELA - but few days
have gone by that I have not thought of them - and
today, the 23 January, is Jaques' birthday. =20


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