Re: Gravestone Translation Requested by Paul Fisher of Atlanta , 20 Aug, 1998 #general

Jim Bennett <bennett@...>

The words are: "Avinu HaYakar Dov Ber" Which means: "Our Dear Father
Dov Ber".
Paul mistook the letter vet/bet (the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet)
for vav, the sixth letter, which could not have been on the gravestone,
since daled-vav and vav-resh do not spell any Hebrew words. It is
therefore: daled-vet, bet-resh=3D Dov Ber.

In Hebrew a Dov is literally a Bear--the animal. In Yiddish a bear is Ber. In Ashkenazi name-giving tradition, the combination of Dov Ber is
very common, almost always together. In English the equivalents are Berl,
Bernard, Barney, Barnett, etc.

Jim Bennett, Haifa, Israel

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