Mission impossible Hebrew text gravestone Del Valle #general

Rene <106141.360@...>

Dear readers
David Salom Del Valle ( 1702- 1774 ) was burried in Rotterdam.

I enlarged and sharpened the contrast of his gravestone which shows Hebrew
text I am not able to bring home !
Extra information : David was married to Sara de Abraham de Casseres

His tombstone may be partly viewed on my homepage, see :

Below the text I could decipher for the greater part myself

Do Bem Aventurado
Hum... Eve Edho <-------------meaning
unknown to me
David Salom Del Valle
Faleceom Teberh
Anno 5535
Que conresponde
com 17 dezembro
Anno 1774

I would be very indebted to you if one of the readers would be so kind as
to take a look at this homepage and perhaps try to translate some parts
that are readable.


Rene van Wijngaarden/Etten-Leur/Nederland

Searching for: Salom del Valle/ Del Valle/ Do Vale/Vahle/Van Daelen
Dutch translation

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