Searching Romanian SIMON's in Lower East Side from Romania #general


My Grandmother Laura GOLDENBERG came to Live with her half? Uncle Srul SIMON
in the Lower east side. She was >from Bucharest Romania. Her mother Miriam
(Moli) ZUCKER GOLDENBERG was born in Botoshoni, Romania. I believe that Srul's
wife was Chaya but am not sure. He had several sons. One may have been

I have searched thru all kinds of records and have no found them. My aunt
Sylvia was named for him. She was born in August 1922. So he probably died
shortly before that.

Philip J. Leonard MD
SOMMER-Focsani, Braila, & Galatz, Romania, San Francisco CA, Brownsville TX
WIND - Braila, Romania, & Austria, & Fargo, ND -
ALBAHARI - Bucharest, Constantsa, Braila, Romania
GOLDENBERG - Bucharest & Jassy, Romania, NYC, Birmingham AL,Conn.,
White Sulfur Springs, NY
FRIEDMAN - Braila, Romania - Oklahoma City OK, Peoria & Chicago IL, LA,CA

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