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Nick Soodek <nick@...>

While this message is specifically for Rich Sinykin, who requested
information on a possible ancestor, ABARBANEL, I thought it might be of
interest to other genners. I looked up the name in a book that I have,
"Finding Our Fathers" by Dan Rottenberg. I was referred to the name
ABRAVANEL, where it states the following:
One of the oldest and most distinguished Spanish families. The German
scholar Herman Reckendorf maintained that the ABRAVANELs were direct
descendents of King David, through Zerubbabel, Hillel and certain Jewish
kings in Arabia. Jewish Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia Judaica have family
tree charts and biographies; also see JE article on Herman Reckendorf and
on "Coat of Arms," which includes the ABRAVANEL crest, as well as those
of the families ABARBANEL de SOUSA and ABARBANEL de VEIGA. LBIS (Rudolf
Simonis collection at the Leo Baeck Institute) has ABRABANEL family tree.
Also see M. Kayserling's Bibliotheca Espanola- Portugeza-Judaica
(strasbourg, 1890)p.6. Related to Lindo.
I have not seen this guidebook mentioned here and thought others might be
interested in knowing about it. This is an interesting resource to check
for possibly famous or noteworthy ancestors.
Nick Soodek

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