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To the Moderator,
Sorry but my English is not so best ,so be kind to me to correct things that
you think it is not correct .
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Dear Jewish Genners,
To this discussion I think that it is not correct to connect the name Liber
to the name Louis. Normally the name Louis we connected with the name Lewy
(Lewis,Louis or L=L )but the name Lieber is not Lewy.
from the book : Get Mesudar . Eliezer Mintz Bilguria 1902 page 283 I take
over this text:
Liberman, is a nickname to Eliezer,Elazar,Yehuda and Matitja also Liber have
the same nicknames...... (all the names are first names)
In a comment give Eliezer Mintz this text: (in Rashi script)
Liberman. it mean a good man and the translation have nothing to do with the
name Eliezer or Elazar and the reasons that this name is chosen as a
nickname is the beginning with a Lamed ,but Eliezer don't begin with Lamed
he begin with Alef why to use the Lamed.? The Alef is not emphasized so we
called Eliezer or Elazar: Luser or Leiser and this is why we used the Lamed.
And why Yehuda as a nickname?. Lamed,Yud,Beth (Leib) are the same begin
letters as ( Yehuda ) Leib also with Lamed, Yud, Beth. Why Matitja he don't
Until here is what Mintz have written in his book, He mention also that
Liepman as a personal name have the same explanation as Liber and Liberman.
So I conclude that the name Liber is not the name Lewy.
Alexander Dietz in his book :Stambuch der Frankfurter Juden . F/m 1907 used
the same names .
It can be that the name Liber that derived >from Liberman have to do with
Lewy and why ? Jits Van Straten in his book : Joodse voornamen in Amsterdam
. Amsterdam 1966 . give the first names that Jewish used in records between
1669 and 1850 and the transcription in Yiddish or Hebrew. In this case a
document with the name Liberman used the name Levie. So it can be that Lewy
is Liber ,but I don't think so and What Mintz writ is more convincing.

Ury link

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